Arlonstone is a stone carving, restoration and sculpture workshop located in Dunsany (Eire). It was founded in 2006 by Richard Thomas, a french stone carver of an international competence. He has worked all around France, in Venice, and spent 15 years in Basel, Switzerland, where he led the stone carver team at the cathedral workshop (Münsterbauhütte).
Since 2009 Richard lives in Brussels and shares his time between Ireland and Belgium.
Arlonstone is specialised in the realisation of exclusive projects and unique œuvres, carved by hand with the greatest respect to the Art rules and to the craft traditions. This workshop is unique in Ireland and offers the guarantee of the highest quality standards. For more informations about Richard Thomas, visit his personnal website :
40, rue du Ham
1180 Uccle (UE/Belgium)
Mobile :  
+353 0 85 10 92 664
Location (in Eire)
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